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Kyle Brown Beauty

Makeup Artist

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Kyle Brown is a New York City based makeup artist. From an early age he has always been artistically driven and enamored with the idea of creating. This enchantment with creating led him to attend Hofstra University where he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre Performance. It was also there, through his studies, he had his first introduction to the transformative abilities of makeup. Being able to have him as an actor apply makeup and look in the mirror and have his character come to life struck a creative chord in him that resonated through his body and satisfied the creative hunger he had always been searching for. 

    Kyle moved to New York City where he attended the Makeup Designory (MUD), completing the Multimedia Artistry program. It was during this intensive training that he designed makeup for a series of beauty and fashion photoshoots and designed a range of characters as well as creating hair styles to complement these designs. Since his start he’s worked with incredible artists in theater, fashion, and advertising clients, maintaining his connections across all avenues of the industry.

    He looks forward to continue to develop his skill set and design more abstract and beautiful art. He continues to seek out those opportunities that feed his artistic soul and challenge him to create more meaningful and impactful art.


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